Branding vs Commodity MMXX

Branding vs Commodity MMXX

Branding vs Commodity
This PDF seeks to create a deeper understanding for readers who think that their logo, package design is a BRAND. It isn’t.

Branding vs Commodity MMXX

The corporate ID tangibles like a logos, package and name of the company are just a small part of Branding. This PDF should drop the ‘coin into the slot‘ for many readers. Enjoy. — Breuk


I’m one reason they still come to Williamsburg | Brooklyn. Today, I show people how to generate more income for their businesses. Also, doing this:
Staten Island Film Festival
Once this city open up for fun, freedom and drinks.

Many people have a difficult time describing marketing terms. The definitions are not interchangable. The Big Apple Tree PDF should be a breeze to help get a grip on the terms and meaning. It’s a little bonus.

Now, let’s plant a…

Big Apple Tree by Breuk Iversen
The Formula by Breuk Iversen
What many Clients (and even some good marketers) neglect to do.

[ Post COVID, post PROTEST ]

This pandemic and protest can’t be ignored. 

When things go back to “Normal.”

We don’t think things will ever go back to where they were.

* Sensitivity, fear-ridden (loss of life)
* Photos without gloves/masks are outdated
* Social distancing consequences: lack of touch is debilitating to growth
* Government Control (lack of personal power)
* WEBINARS: allow to peer into people’s private lives and homes
* Feeling your Mortality (Existential Death Anxiety)
* Dressing Down (work from home)
* Financial concern and fears (unemployment, eviction)
* Greater mistrust of strangers
* Time to re-access Life‘s choices and decisions
* Blurred lines of personal and professional life
* Improved Connection to the Natural World (sight and sound).
* Incorrect implications and throwing it onto others (misdirection
* Mistrustful of Mainstream Media information (fake news?)
* Neuroscience practitioners finding that people are deeply GRIEVING

PDF of the NAWBO NYC Presentation. [ Click here or the image above ]