Warning: A few design, marketing, PR and branding companies I’ve recently met with are selling “Branding” to increase the costs to clients for their logo or website. They are give clients something called a “Mood Board”.  We’ve seen these Mood Boards. They are like trying to place a Band-Aid on a shotgun wound.

Now don’t get me wrong. Addressing the moods of your audience are a very good idea. Numerous studies have shown that 90% of all our purchasing decisions are emotional. 90% is way better than the 10% return most marketers get and why they need to address 100 people to get to 10 sales.

BinkNyc Culture

When we do a Brand—ID, we get our clients 40-70% if they follow the plan and our very specific recommendations. A Brand—ID is like the foundation and basement of building any business.

After this Brand—ID is completed, the next steps you’ll want to take is to design a logo, and a website. This should go to a proficient graphic or web designer.

Depending on a clients budget and particular need, we may either do it in-house or hand them over to another studio. Again, this depends on the clients budget and the needs of their audience.

We have an entire shed filled to the brim with useful tools for business growth and publicity: Brand Metaphors, Brand Lexicons, Designers, Communications Specialists and an Ad Team.

The business owners we speak to get so excited when we give them a little shovel full of an idea. When they hire us, we set them up with bulldozers and cranes. Their competition doesn’t stand a chance.


Building your own house.

Isn’t this the all-American Dream?

The path of human development in a psycho-sociological environment goes something like this:

  1. Friends
  2. School
  3. Education
  4. Job or Career
  5. Significant Other
  6. Dream House
  7. Prosperity and Abundance
  8. Fun, vacations, retirement…
  9. Happily ever after…

Logical/Emotional patterns like the one above are illustrations used regularly in our Neurochemical approach. The application of this is to address a target market first and let it organically expand.

Take 150 people that you know and between family, friends and everyone you’ve ever met, how many people followed this illustrative 9-step path above, without interruption?

Hold that answer for a minute.

Psychology and Neuroscience show us that our fantasies and dreams launch ideas and/or thought patterns. These thoughts are supported by our beliefs and our beliefs move us to take an action. Once we take an action in the near final stage, we are left with the consequences of those actions. In short, dreams or fantasies first, our beliefs move thoughts, thoughts move to actions and all actions have consequences.

This is a natural and perfectly logical pattern. It happens 90-95% of the time without fail.

By honoring these dreams and fantasies in potential clients, we are giving markets what drives sales. It engages both the subconscious and the emotions. The logical reasoning comes way later.

Building your own business and building your own house happens pretty much the same way. We’re asking you to acknowledge and belief in these patterns. They’re based on science and math. You should believe in that.

Logically, you dig a hole in the ground, pour the cement in for the basement, design and find out where your windows and doors go, then you, put up walls, run the plumbing and electrical work and then you finally paint and buy the furniture.

You can either rent or sell the house after these steps are done. A business is the same way.

We find that many business owners have seduced themselves into believing that they can do this Branding, designing, communications and advertising themselves and save a whole bunch of money. They are among a market segment we identify as “Thinkers”. This segment represents 11,8% of the US market. Most of the CEOs and entrepreneurs are “Thinkers”.

Thinkers are 16% of the NYC market but “Achievers” represent 39%, over twice the amount.

Thinkers are most likely the reason why 50% of all business fail within the first 5 years. They have “Designed” and “Advertised” their business but forgot to “Brand” and “Communicate” is to a specific target audience.

For the last two years, we a BinkNyc have been working on a few Brand—IDs. We have signed Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete agreements and are forbidden to discuss or publicize them on our website. We’ve agreed to this legally and are sworn to secrecy.  We take this secrecy and privacy quite seriously.  Our lips are sealed.

Be that as it may, we can openly share much of our little system we’re calling: Neurochemical. It is pretty powerful and if someone wanted to purchase the entire system, it would run them about $500K.  We are currently use our little powerhouse system to assist small businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

I usually warn the company or entrepreneur:

“It is going to be very painful because most of which you understand about yourself, family, friends and American culture is going away… FOREVER.”  

They usually laugh and brush it off and suspect that we are just being dramatic.  This unfortunately doesn’t work in our favor.          

We’re not worried that anyone will steal and use our little Neurochemical system because it requires a number of movable parts in an already effective scientific and mathematical system. There are only 2 people beside myself who have access to the system. While I have 100% they have a considerable 65% of it.

There is great confusion in our culture as to what this word “Brand” means and why it is important to have a company or entrepreneur building a firm foundation on something as hard as a rock.

When one of the owners of a Credit Card Processing company first read our 30 page Brand—ID we did for his company, he said, “OMG… This is like advertising and branding on steroids and crack”.

We’ve since adopted his quote and couldn’t agree more. Personally, I’ve never tried either drug and his quote always gets a good laugh at parties and networking events.

While laughter abounds, my business partner and I knew we hit the target perfectly. We were mildly and proudly amazed that a 30 veteran in marketing and had never seen anything like it.  We looked at each other and nodded: “Yep. They like it.”

Have a great day!

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