8 Reasons Why Brands FAIL Social Media.

 American Brands

1. Brands fail to be social!

The only reason people are popular in social media is that they are social.  If no one says anything, no one knows or cares that you are there.   Try to engage, discuss, interact, read, ‘like it‘ and have a good time.  Social people are cool because other people like having them in their circle. When brands fail to get social, they do themselves a great disservice.


2. Brands only talking about their product or service.

Huge mistake.  No one really cares unless they know: WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM Brands get into Social Media thinking they can post on peoples walls, throw it up in irrelevant places and then expect to get people’s attention. That works for already established brands: Nike, NY Yankees, Coke, MoMA, etc….
Engage people on their issues and they won’t mind if you only talk about yourself every once in a while.  When it comes time for them to purchase something, you’ll be on their ‘mental‘ list.


3. Brands NOT answering comments on time.

People will ask criticize, ask questions and even bad mouth your Brand.  All they are really looking for is answers.   Respond in a timely way and people will NOT remove you from their list of ‘friends’.


4. When Brands fail to accept their mistakes.

Accepting mistakes is a great way of getting close to people. It is one of the most effective and powerful tools for winning a person’s heart. Discussing mistakes will never spoil your reputation.  On the contrary, accepting and discussing mistakes will encourage your community to stick with you.  They feel productive and are having an effect.  They’ve invested in a few words, directed at your brand, and (((((((KABOOM))))))) it paid off!


5. When Brands fail to understand their customer.

This is a big one.  Brands exist only because people use them. When brands don’t understand their customer, they fail greatly.  To understand people, just act like you are one of them.  You already are.  When you don’t do that, the distance between the user and the brand widens.  No one loves a Brand they can’t attach themselves to.


6. When Brands fail to give value to their followers.

Being a good brand is only half of the work. The other half is giving value to your followers. You could offer them an exclusive product review or an exclusive or secret discount.  Make it special, just for them. Use the divide and rule principle: Reward and give value to your followers only.


7. When Brands are not fun.

Many companies and entrepreneurs want Social Media but don’t want to invest the time.  Solution: Pay someone to do it for you.   In an attempt to keep things under control, many companies have strict rules left, right and center. What they really fail to understand is that Rules in social media are set by the people, not companies.  To succeed with people, it is important to be a fun brand.  There is always something “fun” in in your product or service.  Watch some TV ads to see what I mean.


8. When Brands have poor products.

If you have a bad product, you cannot expect any magic to happen in social media. It is better to work at rebuilding your product rather than pushing a bad product to people.  A famous New York City restaurant survey showed that: People who have a NEGATIVE experience at a restaurant will, on average tell 10 people.  When they had a good-excellent experience, they only told 3 people on average.  All the odds are against you.




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