21 Fascinating and Amazing ways to screw up your business.

These are just 21.


1.    Ignore the lessons of the past.
Why do people assume they didn’t know so much 100 years ago? Education was certainly more demanding and so was taking the time out to research.

2.    Thinking you can pick up ‘Tips’ as you go along.
Marketing is infested with amateurs. Rarely anyone studies enough. They are lunatics.

3.    Trying to be “cReAtIvE”.
It is almost certainly fatal to assume that what you think is wonderful will sell.  You are not your customer. Have pro find out who they are.

4.    Have ‘Brainstorming‘ meetings.
They are often a complete waste of time, there for idle people to fill up their time.
Real research garners results that are measured like math.

5.    Not being a customer yourself.
Many corporations have their heads facing their CEO and their asses facing the customers. Please let me know how that works out fer ya.

6.    Hire a Marketing Firm or Director without looking at their past history.
So many are duds.  Are you taking the time to find out what they did, who they did it for or how much they sold?

7.    Fall for the latest fad.
Marketers are suckers for the Social Media silver bullet. They often think some new thing will replace the tried and tested. These types are the Early or Late Majority.

BinkNyc, Neurochemical

8.    Believing human nature is altered by media or changing times. Human nature has not changed all that much since the hunter/gatherer days—subject to the same laws.

9.    Assuming that good business decisions are made logically.
They’re not. People are ruled by their emotions, in every area of life and business.

10.    Not implementing your Brand Guidelines.
This is especially true for smaller businesses. They had something that worked for a while and then forgot to consistently use it.

11.    Talk and walk like a marketing person.
You will bore and confuse everybody, including yourself.  Target Marketing starts with a psychological profile of your customer. “Everybody” is not a target and neither are demographic age groups.

12.    Trying to make it perfect.
You have to do it as well as you can in the time available, then let go.  We are all a work in progress. No one will fault you for improvement.

13.    They believe in those who tell you they can make you rich.
They are almost all liars – especially the ones on the internet.

14.    Assume your prospect is highly intelligent.
Very few are; and they are actually not thinking when exposed to marketing messages.

15.    Assume your prospect is a stupid idiot.
They may not be brilliant, but they are not halfwits either, and resent being patronised.  Convincing someone to part with their hard earned money is tough business.

16.    Read about nothing but marketing.
It is a very boring, narrow subject and will limit you and your efforts. Left in the hands of a proficient marketer, with experience success is 50% more likely.

17.    Fail to test.
Perhaps the biggest and most common mistake around. Nobody has any real idea what will work. Why guess when you can know?

18.    Imagining or hoping everything will be OK.
Assume something will go wrong and it usually does.

19.    Spend more energy, imagination and money on prospects than customers.
This is Madness.  Your best source of profit is a current customer you have, not the new one you are going for.  When is the time to re-up?

20.    Assume anything is either ‘always’, or ‘never’ the case.
There are exceptions to all rules; circumstances alter cases, as the legal maxim goes.

21.    Fail to invest in your staff.
They are the only ones who can make it happen for you. Train them. Be nice to them.  The will love you for it and likely to produce better results.

Hey, I don’t have all the answers, right
now, to your business BUT we do know
how and where to find them.

Start by telling the truth to yourself and we can start from there.

Have a great day,


These are just 21,  There’s more…

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