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You may still ask:

“Why would anyone
In their ‘right mind’ want to vote
DJ Trump for President?”


One simple answer is: “because he has the balls to say things others don’t dare say.

This piece is about exploring all the deep, notable Neurochemical BRANDING components that went into the Trump Campaign from June 2015 until September 2016. We had to stop at September 2016. There was just too much material to go over. 😀

Don’t Be Shocked
This campaign has been in place for many years. We are certain of this because from the June 2015 announcement speech we knew he would be elected.


Quite simply, Trump is a brand and a celebrity. Celebrities that are branded and wave around the flag of a brand fair very well in the American marketplace. The other politicians wouldn’t and couldn’t compete with Trump. He’s an out from under business brander who: doesn’t drink or do drugs.


Trump communicated the same branded diatribe that would follow for the next year and a half. The results of which led up to the 2016 election were both obvious and predictable from a branding perspective.

When the same brand principles are applied to a businesses messaging and communications strategy, you can get remarkable results. As a branding firm, we recognized the power being emitted from the DJ Trump and the way he was able to seep into the heart and minds of the people in middle America.

Below are the reasons why we (@BinkNyc) were unwavering when it came time to make this election prediction back in June 2015. Not 2016… but 2015. This was in spite of what the mainstream media had to say. They were completely wrong.

We knew he would win because we understand the power of Branding and Advertising as it is applied through the media. This prediction was a walk in the park for us as Branders. Neurochemically speaking, the DJ Trumped the elections.



I think people like the fact that he consistently listens to and hears What the majority (including the media) have to say about him. He doesn’t care what me or you say but when it comes to “everybody,” then that is the only somebody that matters to him

In his core he wants to be popular, he wants to be right, likes being liked, wants respect and acceptance—all the qualities of someone who is deeply insecure. He needs this validation like we need air and water, especially — from his peers.

What is sexy is something that inadvertently shows a vulnerability and this is DJ Trump’s Achilles heel; he cares deeply what EVERY BODY thinks of him. In his mind, the majority rules. He’s a populist and what is pop…WINs! 

The following line items are NOT rationale reasons to elect DJ Trump by any means. The Neurochemical has identified and holds that the subconscious and emotional brain are the guiding forces in human decision making. From this perspective we again will stand next to and behind our branding idiom; We are NOT dealing with a RATIONALE SPECIES.

Americans are particularly prone to living in an irrational reality—as temporarily poor and embarrassed millionaires. They are guided by the chemicals floating down their spinal columns, slaves to their emotional states and oft run headlong in the world of fantasy as an escapism. Americans, in general (scientifically speaking), are far more inclined to:

  1. act upon or be attracted to feeling emotions and a wide array of emotions when making choices,
  2. would rather live through fantasy and gaming than to face a harsh and unloving reality,
  3. believe we came from Gods and Angels rather than accept that shedding apes were our biological predecessors.

This is science and hence, factually speaking. You may disagree with this idea but let’s look at DJ’s results.

DJ Trump was an underdog for months (during the primaries) and then he won beating 17 qualified peers. 17 is a big number—no light feat. The American Politicians would prove to be no match whatsoever for a well-branded real estate mogul with a brash persona who has spent his last 43 years in the media, promoting numerous companies, R.E. properties and his namesake and brand. In fact, DJ Trump is the very first real estate mogul to become a successful, self-branded celebrity in the real estate industry in American history.

If you agree with nothing else we’re saying here, the fact is he won. Branding is powerful and strikes deep emotional and subconscious tones in the psyche.

FANTASY (subconscious)

This whole Trump story is like something straight out of a fiction novel: the Underdog Hero. World literature throughout history is littered with these hero and heroine stories, both fiction and non-fiction. He’s lived the life of a man among men with some notable


Under his branded namesake; Steaks, both the Miss American and Miss Universe Pageants, Casinos and even a self-aggrandizing real estate university of sorts where the branded hero teaches you his tips and tricks to financial freedom and wealth, apparently. What could be more masculine than that?  This honed skill set (of 43 years), in and of itself is a massive accomplishment.

America does two things better than anyone else, 1) Branding/Advertising and 2) Weapons of Mass Destruction. Since Americans make decisions, like shopping or voting for a political candidate from their emotions and subconscious, 90-95% of the time, DJ Trump was a shoe in from the very first announcement speech in June 2015. He focused on 3-4 points and drummed, drummed, drummed the same beat throughout the entire campaign.

DJ Trump: the Medium he used to win

I haven’t met the man in person and usually withhold any opinions about people until I meet them in person. I don’t usually listen and swallow others opinions into my being, even when they are well-formulated and seemingly factual. I also don’t believe anything I see on TV or read in newspapers. The content in the MainStream (news) Media outlets is in general written, produced and edited by forces with an agenda. So as far as I am concerned it is NOT to be trusted. If and when it does sound convincing, I take all with a grain of salt.

Once I meet someone in person I can have an opinion otherwise, it’s all showtime. In terms of the character DJ plays on Television and the News Media, I can only extrapolate on this character.

Once upon a time the mainstream media used to carry some weight around this country but not anymore. Facebook and Twitter have dominated the bandwidth and minds of the American public. Statistics regarding how much time people spend reading what their friends and family are doing seems to be of much greater concern. There seems to be more truth on Social Media outlets although the citings and information that comes through these social media platforms have something more human and more real than the MSM ever will.

It is my belief that the MSM has lied to the American people and have since lost substantial credibility especially with the younger generation. A number of case studies to support this will show up years from now in business papers and university textpads/textbooks. The truth of the matter, as we will find out, that the polling numbers were rigged in the final months to see if the MSM could sway the vote in Hillary Clinton’s favor. The effort failed. It failed massively.

I believe it was a joint media effort but the effort came way too late. I do have evidence to support my claim. I’ll explain this below.

The debates were a prime example of the proof for this MSM sway the vote claim. Immediately following the three Trump/Clinton debates, MSM websites were asking: “Who do you think won the debate?” I clicked on a few of these polling votes to see what the results were those evenings. I was astonished to find Trump leading in practically every single website poll I visited. I snapped these screen shots on my mobile phone to keep for my files:



On my laptop, I would change from Hillary to Trump depending on whether or not I thought the website had a political favoritism as media outlets tend to do (this has to do with an industry term called “programming” where audiences are matched to the type of programmed material or genre and this is how they traditionally sell advertising spots to advertisers).


The results I got on my mobile phone were the same as my laptop from thenpolling perpspective. I speculated that the next morning I would find that Hillary would be the media favorite and that they would claim that SHE won the debate. Bingo. I was right.

So, when I say that it was a joint media effort; a discrepancy beween what the viewers said in the opinion polls and what the media claimed the winner was, would be the basis for my present argument and a line of defense for my point. I believe this collective media “opinion” was purposely meant NOT to reveal the actual polling numbers from the night before but to help sway public opinion. However, as mentioned earlier, the effort failed.

Trump’s verbiage and use of the rebranding to “Fake News” from his perspective seems to carry a great deal of truth. Seeing the numbers from the polling snapped on my mobile phone and continuing with the next round of events carries even more weight. We only need to look at who the media blames for the surprise ending of Election Night 2016.


Wow. Immediately following the election, Trump winning and the MSM getting caught with their pants down trying to sway the election in Hillary’s favor was and still is a fascinating thing to watch. It hardly makes any sense at all.

So the Russian hackers swayed the election. Here’s the problem with this story.

• They tried to influence the election.

Okay. What does that mean exactly? They changed our minds? How? Perhaps they have some advanced technology that we don’t know about and that the MSM can’t tell its audience.

Naw. I think the truth is that the American MSM had tried to influence the election and failed. Because HOW ELSE could they be so wrong?

It must be the Russians. 😀

I’m just: Wow! No one else stops to think about what they actually did to influence my vote or your vote. All the MSM keeps  doing is drumming into your head is there was foul play but they never explain what the foul play had resulted in actually creating or doing. Can we question the result? Would it have changed a thing?

Some states tried a recount. That failed too. People were in shock.

I wasn’t shocked at all. Branding, and especially American branding is a very powerful thing.


DJ Trump: Psychologically

DJ hasn’t mentally developed much past that of an 11 year old child and reporters found this funny, for a while. Then reality hit and he became the president.

He sashays like your grandma yet acts like and angry and petulant 11 yr. old child. What yells like an 11 year old and sashays like your grandma is a contradiction. What is a contradiction is seductive.


The US wasn’t persuaded by DJ Trump, they were seduced. They really love to hate him. What is a contradiction is seductive.

Trump has already won the day he announced he was running. This was June 16, 2015. What is a contradiction is seductive.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like watching the drama of the game anyway. I read the massive quantity of social media posts, “love or hate,” dedicated to the DJ. His enemies did more to further his campaign than his supporters did. He counted on YOU, the democrat, liberal, the Trump hater, to hang onto every verbal nook and cranny, dissecting the morsels of sentences into bite-sized hate chews. It did nothing but work in his favor.


By the by…

If the results of the election still aren’t enough to convince you of the power of Branding, then you are living in that fantasy world I mentioned earlier. This is generally the audience we can influence more easily with the Neurochemical techniques we use. Don’t worry. You are not an unusual member in the US.

Staying tuned… we have so much more for you.

To be continued…  BinkNyc.com

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