Neurochemical: Emo-Contagion


Do you know what Emotional Contagion is?

It’s how social media uses the brains of its [ free ] users. Maybe you use social media everyday whether you realize it or not, the big data community and magnetizing media occupies a piece of your brains.




Don’t Be Surprised. We live in the age of Big Data and Advertising and Branding on Steroids and Crack.

In order to fully develop highly-effective advertising, branding, communications and design, you’d need to do research… and a lot of it.

As co-founder of BinkNyc Culture, I’ve been perusing white papers for six years. The ones I read are thorough research studies so, we can better understand the human condition and serve OUR clients more optimally. I apply these TECHNIQUES to brand and ad messaging.



Network TheoryI

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Here’s one that may interest you social media buffs. If you use Facebook, it is likely that you unwillingly and unwittingly participated in an experiment. You became a test subject—a lab rat—and so did we.

Experimental evidence
of massive-scale
emotional contagion
through social networks

  Breuk IversenHere’s an example of a White Paper and a : EMO-CONTAGION (click link here).

Breuk Iversen





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