WLG – Family Business (2021)

The 360 Degree Impact
of newly proposed Bills
on Family Wealth 

The problem is easily summed up in a single word: TRIFECTA

If you missed our PRE-ELECTION complimentary call last year and overlooked the opportunity, the
Family Business and real estate holdings could be exposed to substantially higher tax liabilities.

Even if you had flown to planet Mars at the end of last year, you would likely already know that the
Democrats have captured the Presidency, House and Senate since the last election. 

How does this affect a Family Business? 

Family Businesses, and particularly those with Real Estate, should be seriously concerned at the potential
impact of newly proposed bills.

So, if anyone fancies the idea of paying a whopping 39.6% tax rates on long-term capital gains (almost
twice the current rate), plus a 3.8% surtax on net investment income (e.g., taxable interest, dividends,
gains, passive rents, etc.)


An estate tax rate of 45% to 65% (based on the value of the estate’s assets) with a reduction in the
lifetime exclusions limits of married couples (from $23.6M to $7M), then simply ignore this email.

We are all concerned how these proposed bills may affect Family Businesses and real estate holdings and
know it would be beneficial for you to join this complimentary panel discussion. 

Navigating unfamiliar waters like an expert takes time, and mistakes are likely even for seasoned
advisors. These are risks our esteemed panelists are very familiar navigating.

We decided to put together some of the brightest minds including an attorney (John D. Dadakis of Fox
Rothschild LLC
), an accountant (Sol Zimmerman of EisnerAmper LLP), and real estate expert (James
Prendamano of Casandra Properties LLC
), along with the host (Chad L. Reyes of Wealth & Legacy
), so we can all get a 360° perspective of what the TRIFECTA means to Family Businesses with
real estate holdings in 2021 and the future.

Webinar ID: 673-149-395
Date: June 30, 2021
Time: 12pm -1pm