Kellogg’s Diner

Hello John,

Here’s the offer I suggested in a clearer outline.  We can probably give you more, in time but, would like that to be more in the form of a gift rather than something else.

If you do engage us, we would like to have a regular meeting on a weekly basis to let you know how we are doing and ask you for your consultation.  I believe you are one of the smartest and wisest men I’ve ever met.  You are of tremendous value to me, personally and professionally.

New York Times (Article of 11211).


$4,000 PR (Maya)
$3,000 Social Media (Cornelia)
$4,000 Administration (Estella)
$4,000 Executive (Me)
$15,000 per month
$45,000 buys us three months.
$90,000 buys us six months.

Option 1:  A Loan –
The principal plus 10% interest is paid between 12 and 18 months.

Option 2: A Gift –
The principal plus 10-20% is paid between 12 and 18 months plus access to our team of Social Media, PR and executive branch people (based on what I did for Williamsburg from 2000-2006 and am now planning to do for Astoria, Queens).

The monies will be used for staffing employees and light expenses.  We have a few offices now and a growing list of workers for hire (freelance).  We are all extremely excited about this project.  We would like to start now and get the ball rolling.

WHAT we can offer NOW:

* Public Relations for Kellogg’s Diner based on the “greasy spoon idea”.  This works in harmony with the food, menu and perception that people already have about Kellogg’s Diner.  The weekdays which are slow should be a focal point.  We like the candlelight idea and having a featured (quiet) piano or guitar player.

No other restaurant is doing this. Including this in the media first will set a new bar for the diner.  This is an advanced and leading-edge idea.  We suspect many will be shaking their heads wondering why they hadn’t thought of it first.  Being first at something is everything.  

* Social Media for Kellogg’s featuring interesting, “nostalgic” stories of Williamsburg and Kellogg’s rich history of 40+ years and going.  Profiles on the family, friends, and employees brings dignity and humanizes what would otherwise be just another business.  We would do photos, stories, and a video for Options 1 or 2.  Depending on the quality, length and veneer needed, some additional charges may apply.

We are a month or so away from getting our first big sponsor and at that point, won’t require a loan or gift.

Also Kellogg’s will receive 4 tickets to the Queen of Queens event in Astoria, Queens.  The event with be an all day gathering of music and food, and the tickets are $1,500 each.  It will be a who’s who of Queens and of NYC featuring public officials, the contestants, and prestigious local business owners and a few features celebrities.

So let me know or let me go.  : ))
Either way is fine.

I personally haven’t felt so excited about a project since starting 11211 Magazine.

Success = Passion + Will

Breuk Iversen
(718) 578-6613

“Approval from others conceals a sincere insecurity of who you are”.

What we have: