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THE RIOT ACT of Communications
or A Publicity Protocol

Select prospects for engagement.
Rapport is connecting and understanding the “who” you are speaking to.
Engagement using a select form of Social Media.
Frequency determines how often to engage people without being annoying.
Consistency is being there: ready, reliable and dependable.
Offering answers “why someone wants to buy what you have”:

  • by being specific
  • by being different or special.

Compliment them and tell them why they are making a smart or the right choice,
Testimony are the words of others and what they have said about you.
Fulfillment is the how you achieved the satisfaction of their wants.
Conversion rewards for them for returning to you.



3 Things to Remember – All clients or customers have to:

  1. Trust and Like you.
  2. Desire or want what you sell (improvement).
  3. Understand your method or system.

Smile today. This Revolution is not getting any easier or wait until the last minute to get started.   : )


We’ve heard many cries and complaints about facebook.
Two years ago these complaints were:

  1. “I don’t care what people had for breakfast or lunch”,
  2. “Nothing going on there in the way of business dealings”,
  3. “I like to keep my personal life and business life separate”.

That was then and this is now:

  1. “Yeah sure, it’s fun and all, but I haven’t gotten any business from it”.
  2. “We’ve spent time on it and don’t see how it is used to make money”.
  3. “Yes, I have gotten some interesting leads but, no actual sales”.
  4. “Great for connections to old friends and family, but can’t see how it will amount to anything”.

You’ve heard this one ^ before.



“The book, The 8th Habit, describes a poll of 23,000 employees
drawn from a number of companies and industries.
He reports the poll’s findings:

* Only 37% said they have “a clear understanding of what their
organization is trying to achieve and why”

* Only one in five were enthusiastic about their team and their
organization’s goals

* Only one in five said they had a clear “line of sight” between
their tasks and their team and organization’s goals

* Only 15% felt that their organization fully enables them
to execute key goals

* Only 20% fully trusted the organization they work for”
— Stephen Covey



Why is it that everyone from Armani, Absolut, Walmart to your local or national bank has a Facebook page?  In their ads, they don’t even advertise their website any longer but, their Facebook URL.  You will find Facebook web addresses on every major advertising campaign and every major brand from Wonder Bread to NBC news.  Why?

Because Social Media that is where EVERYONE is nowadays.

It’s Neurochemical, two way communication and it is working just fine for those who know how to use it.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the largest revolution since the INDUSTRIAL Revolution:

[ see video ]




.[ see video ]

[ see infographic ]

Social V. Tradtional Media

Here’s the next thing that may pop into your mind:
“Yes. I know about social media but how does that help me right now?”

It’s an excellent question.


Here’s the Test:
I am going to hit you hard and fast with this one:
Maybe it isn’t the social media that’s wrong or ineffective, maybe it’s the company policy or whoever is handling the social media.

  1. People don’t like to be advertised to.
  2. People do like to be listened to, respected and invited nicely.

* * *

Ouch. I think you’ve now passed the test.

Ok. So now that the bad part is over.  What is the good news?

The Good News is it can be fixed.

Yes, it takes time and yes, it takes money.  If you have neither, get someone who does or you can do it yourself.  It doesn’t work the same way you may suspect and are used to.  It’s a whole new game with a whole new set of rules.


We’ve helped photographers sell their photos on Facebook (ie. Sally Newberry, National Geographic), a boot designer (Bootzwalla), and clothing designers launch and publicize clothing lines; Krista March, Rocket Girl, and Maison De Castille.

A Williamsburg spa and salon was reaching out to only 326 people. Today, with our help, each status they post reaches thousands.

A yoga studio in an events space was distressed (the woman was crying to me) with only 30 pre-sold tickets needed to sell 30 more tickets. Through social media, we sold an additional 45 tickets and had 23 walk-ins. They didn’t give us much time. We got this to happen within the last 24 hours and ticket prices was $40 each for an all day event.

XXL magazine (Freshmen Event) had only sold 80 tickets the week of their event.  The venue holds 500+. We helped them not only sell out the venue of 500+ seats but, had a line of people waiting to get in up until 2am. By the nights end, we sold 790 tickets and we did it all, all, all on Facebook.

What did these clients all have in common?

  1. They knew enough about Communications to leave the communication to people who know about Communications.
  2. They had the good sense to call us.
  3. They had the good sense to know that it is not an intuition thing as much as it is about a specific thought process but, a system and established methodology.

However, don’t let us get grand with you.
We find ourselves being brutally honest with our patrons:

  • “It’s not about what WE like or we don’t like.” 
  • It’s about what works for your customer or more importantly, your brand”.


Drop us a line.  Let’s tawk over cawfy.  We would love to help.

Thank you,

Breuk Iversen
Creative Director
(718) 578-6613