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$1,800-2,900 – Research
(Surveys and Staff/Client/Customer interviews to identify:
current target market data)

By asking your current client/customers/patients, staff (and even friends) to take the surveys will help us understand who have been in proximity to the business owners business.  We find that despite what we can guess and estimate, that we are usually wrong in our guesswork and assumptions.  

We’ve done 18 brand identity campaigns for clients over the last few 5 years and we find that by asking for this data, that we have been able to create miraculous recoveries for our clients within a month or two thereafter.  Most other Brand Identity companies neglect this aspect of the work and apply guesswork and assumptions to base their efforts on.  This is uneffective and neither scientific nor mathematical in its approach.

The shorthand of this idea is ‘like attracts like’.   We’ve consistently found that ‘who the business owner attracts and wants to attract’ are two different things and to their business, this ‘ideal client/customer’ is within arms reach and is just a matter of making subtle adjustments through communications design.

Now we certainly don’t need to charge $1,800-2,900 for having you ask your clients/customers/patients to take a survey or two.  Then why the charge?

We take this information and look for patterns that usually arise, compare it to various existing markets, look at what they are exposed to, look at current media trends, who(m) this market watches (influenced by) in terms of media outlets.  We then look at your all of your competition, use 8 marketing systems for analysis, look at and read Critical Market Analysis, Neurochemical Research, and recent and older Psychoanalysis Data, Enneagrams, and apply Statistical and Particle PhysicsBiologySociology and Psychology.  Finally, we place this along side Game Theory and Network Theory and come up with a useful factoring formula.  Believe it or not, it is predictable once we have a research.    

We specifically added the last two points (Game Theory and Network Theory) due to the tremendous influence Social Media has had on the culture literally destroying traditional forms of media (radio, TV and newspapers/mags).   

*Most importantly, we want to make sure that you are comfortable with what we come up with in terms of Visual, Kinesthetic and Audio suggestions since each and every one of your clients is first and foremost; a human being.  They deserve respect, are your bread and butter and at the core of all the effort we go through, we are only acting on behalf of their best interest at heart. ❤

The estimated time it takes to go through this process fluctuates between 2-4 weeks and changes depending on public reviews, competition, location, proximity to other acupuncture locations, price point (low, medium or high) and previous, current and future outreach plans.  We usually have 40-50 pages of sound research which are provided to you at your request.


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$1,250 – Develop Brand Identity Lexicon
(based on the language you currently use)

Develop Brand Identity Lexicon:
Lexicon is language specifically designed throughout your entire company’s communications.  It becomes a template which is the vocabulary that appears on company material, website, (staff) conversation and explaining the practice, postcards,
e-mails and have an amazing and startling effect on the clients/customers.  This is 25-28 words which get incorporated into everything the company says and does.

  1. It create consistency across all communications.
  2. It allows the clinic to have ‘ownership’ of words in the English language. 
  3. It Brands (burnishes) the words in their psyche keeping your business on their mind.
  4. When properly applied (through repetition), you words last days and sometimes weeks after they’ve left the clinic.  This creates “Word-of-Mouth”.

The by-product of this is that, it creates a deeper form of Affiliate Marketing.  Converting and re-upping client/customer/patients after lexicon is developed can be covered as well. The price also includes a staff meeting to explain how to use this.  This lexicon coupled with the Research says our methods are like; “Advertising and Branding on steroids and crack”.

The shorthand of this idea is ‘like attracts like’.   We’ve consistently found that ‘who the business owner would like to attract’ to their business is within arms reach and is just a matter of making subtle adjustments to captivate that market.

There is a relatively easier way to do this Brand Identity Lexicon but, it comes with a variety of risks in its ineffectiveness.  This is mainly, educated guesswork.

We understand the need to save money in the short-term and we will do our absolute best at this.  We’ve served over 4,500 clients in 19+ years of business, to accomplish and lay down an effective formula for assuring success in whatever you decide to do.


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$2,550 – Web Text Re-Edit
(added into the execution of the next 3 points)

Web Text Re-Edit
Prior to launching an e-mail campaign, we may want to edit the text of the website and assure that it is optimized for CONVERSION.  Conversion is an industry term for assuring that clients press the  booknow-button-small  button and book an appointment.

I’ll pause here to give some insight on this particular button, for your consideration.
This is merely an example of the type of research we do rather than an example
of what the E-mail’s content will be geared toward.

Most advertisers and marketers don’t know about this:  

  • Amazon is a completely different beast than eBay.  The “Add to Cart” on Amazon’s button dictates their users add more things to their cart, resulting in more products purchased.  This may account for the reasons why Amazon does $48 billion (2011) compared to 11.651 of eBayThe conversion rate; 47% goes to eBay, Amazon has only 9.6%.
    There can be a number of things affecting their conversion rates, however psychologically speaking, “Buy it Now” has a much greater impact on people, resulting in more guided and confident purchases.  The question is: When people go to pay for their Acupuncture sessions online, are they more confident or not?
    ^ This is the type of question that keeps me up at night.  We will want to test a couple of things and refine it until we know know that each e-mail we send out is converting better each time.  Some in-depth research on this, applied to acupuncture, could work wonders for us.

Other studies have shown that when people are passively browsing that the
Add To Cart” feature is less of a commitment and therefore ‘pressed’ because
people can always opt out.  They feel safer and more secure. > [1] [2]

The amount of pages you have, have been accounted for in the price.

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$625 – 5 E-mail Campaign
(using your current list to convert and reintroduce you)

5 E-mail Campaign
The e-mails we produce are accomplished in a very specific way.  We have a list of 80 bullet points that are to be checked against in every e-mail; to get the desired results.  On average we get a 32% ‘open rate’ because the e-mails are I-ntroductive, I-nformative, and I-nviting”.  We call this the “Three I’s” and it is a sales techniques stolen from some heavy hitters in the sales and advertising industry whom I’ve had a three great fortune of studying under.

Beyond this “Three I’s” technique is that conversations in general have a very specific formula they follow: Attraction, Rapport, Persuasion and Balance.  This falls under the “Neurochemical” technique and works like a magic charm.

The E-mails we’ll write have charged sales techniques and can be custom fit to practically any industry, service or product.  Again, we seek to accommodate your comfort zone and you can choose from 100s of variables.  We’ll also make the E-mails relevant to the season, what offers you have, (if any) and to what popular events (government shutdowns, Miley’s twerking, War in Syria) happen to be going on.

Well, that is as much detail as I could squeeze out of this skull of mine today.  Let me know if I need another vise. : ))

I eagerly await to hear from you.

Thank you,


Breuk Iversen







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